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Thread: Sniper Forex Expert Advisor

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    Quote Originally Posted by B4h3n0L View Post
    $300 in micro acc insta
    Hi, I cannot download it. Do you have any other link? Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlewisfl View Post
    I'll take a crack:

    MaxOrders=100 ==> Why maximum orders again? What is "Open5Orders" doing?

    MaxOrders is the maximum number of open orders the EA will manage. Open5Orders tells the EA to use the "Advanced Strategy" explained in the Sniper User Guide. It will open 5 orders with various TP levels to scale out of the trade. TP levels are specified by TakeProfit1, TakeProfit2, TakeProfit3, TakeProfit4 and TakeProfit5. The Sniper User Guide suggests 25, 50, 75, 100 and let the fifth run with the trend until it stops out or a signal in the other direction occurs.

    ReverseSystem=0 ==> What is the ReverseSystem doing?

    Another switch. Turn it on and the EA will trade in the opposite direction of what Sniper indicators tell it.
    Hi, how to change the 5 orders into different amount? 1 or 2 orders.
    Thank you

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    Default This Robot can not place buy order! Please help!

    Hi funyoo;

    I have have Spider EA. i like but it can not place Buy order.

    you are Requested Please try to Sold this problem as soon as possible

    Many Thanks
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