A third version for the EA based on the Sniper trading system.

You need the commercial indicators here to make it work.

Options available :

- open5orders : five orders are opened according to the money management,
- closeonbadconditions : the orders are closed when the conditions are not met anymore,
- autostop : the stoploss value depends on the sniper stop indicator,
- minimumstop : minimum stoploss allowed by the expert,
- trailonsniperstop : the trailingstop is based on the evolution of the sniper stop,
- onlycross : trade only when the conditions are met for the first time, or as long as the conditions are met.
- usesniper : use the main sniper indicator for the signal,
- usestop : use the sniper stop indicator for the signal,
- usetrenda : use the sniper trend A indicator for the signal,
- usetrendb : use the sniper trend B indicator for the signal,
- shift : signal confirmed if 1, on the current bar if 0.

There is also the possibilities to set different stoploss and takeprofit for the 5 orders, to modify the time filter that is set as per the rules.

It is designed for GU, H1.

Download : Sniper Forex EA v3 (available in the Elite section)