Hello traders,
We are going commercial with our Forex Robot. A jewel we call Abelleta. We had a long time questioning whether we should release Abelleta expert to the public. We didnŽt want to sell our expert, and find it, next day, decompiled and posted in every Forex forum.
We took the route of selling the "signal" on subscription basis, using a slave_robot attached to the MT4 platform.
Trades generated by Abelleta master are sent as a signal,and received by Abelleta slave at your MT4 platform and placed automatically, without your intervention.
Abelleta slave is easily installed like any other EA and you still keep control of lots size (risk) and can manually close trades, if you like. As the expert logics are hosted in our server, youŽll benefit automatically from our latest updates and settings.
Please visit our site www.forex-abelleta.com for more details.
Ah! Our robot is NOT making 1000% a week LOL