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    Hi guys!

    The Forex Revolution EA was released in May 2010. The developers claim that it's a completely automated forex robot which works for all market conditions without one having to optimize or adjust the settings.

    This expert advisor works on 3 pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY on H1 (1-hour) timeframe. USDJPY is the best pair for trading with this robot, because robot make more trades than EURUSD and GBPUSD have together, besides, the same I can say about profit of pairs. For example, during five years on the USDJPY pair robot have a profit in $11000, but on the EURUSD and GBPUSD together only $2000.

    Revobot-1 EURUSD 2005-2010 Backtest:

    If you will check the results of my backtests of Forex Terminator (this is very old expert, was released in February 2009), you can find some similar lines, like quantity of orders on the long term (Forex Revolution have 50 orders during more, than five years and Forex Terminator have 64 trades during six years) and visual likeness of the graphs.

    My backtests of Forex Terminator:

    The backtest of Forex Revolution shows really bad and unstable results. On the GBPUSD pair expert have $713 of clear profit, with maximal drawdown in $6541.53 (47.01%) on a long term, but Forex Revolution EA is not so sensitive to the spread.

    Best regards, Mark.

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    The faith of backtesting!

    Hello everybody!

    here are a commentary about backtesting of a business company which are coding EA:

    At least the big difference between Backtest and Forward-Test is noticeable for system developers when they activate a system after a successful development in Live-Trading. Quite often the excellent performance bend in Backtest turns out to be a completely unpleasant bend in the live-operation. So it could happen that a profitable system becomes a loss –maker. We have had this experience as well.
    Well, what are the reasons for this?

    1. MetaTrader doesn’t recognize tick-data
    All the developed steps and decisions are basing on the available and historic data if you are developing a system. But the available data are not tick-data. Many developers believe that they are developing on the basis of historic real passed benchmark data. That’s not the case because MetaTrader calculates Pseudo-Ticks and how they could have been on the basis of 1minute candle with the appropriate High/Low/Open/Close.
    Even Scalping systems which appear virtually fantastic in Backtest, fail regularly on this fact. Although of course we are developing our own systems on this basis of available data. Then, after gathering the appropriate forward-test data we either make improvements on that system or decide to reject it.
    2. All Backtests are based off the data which had been loaded by Metaquotes Server!
    It doesn’t matter which Broker you got. The data in the development is based on the provided data by Metaquotes. The „correct“ data is not available at Forex-Markt but every Broker / Dealing-Desk makes his own prices or rather conveys each prices of the associated banks. In reality this leads to the phenomenon "3 Broker - 3 exchange rates". A system which delivers in Forward-Test at Broker 1 x trades and at Broker 2 y trades is going to deliver at backtest a totally different number of trades.

    3. They work with an established spread in backtest
    The spread each Broker has looks, quite often, completely different and is even swaying.

    Therefor, I use a micro account and test my EA among live conditions.


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    Their website is for sale at Flippa. Would you trust this expert advisor?

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    Wow I never knew they sold.

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