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    Hi guys!

    Forex Kagi Japanese Trading System was released in June 2010. This is a serious package which contains indicator and Expert Advisor for trading. Developers recommend using indicator with six pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, NZDUSD and USDCAD, however their expert advisor called Forex Kagi Bot trades only on 1 single currency: USDJPY.

    The Kagi indicator was created to directly calculate supply and demand conditions in any market where prices are recorded and charted. This indicator is plotted as a series of green and red lines in histogram form at the bottom of any price chart.

    What about Forex Kagi Bot? On the backtests this expert shows good results with nice trading activity - every day you can see some trading operations.

    This robot is sensitive enough to the spread, but, like the indicator, can to show good results in the future. I already placed Forex Kagi Bot on my forwardtest.

    Already during one month Forex Kagi System not have bad trades and now gross profit consist is 20 percent. It's really not bad results of trading during 30 days. My statement of forward test you can find on my website! As you see, this robot not have so often trading activity, but if Forex Kagi have a trade - most likely it will be a big profit. For today, this expert shows good and stable results, and I can recommend to you to add Forex Kagi System to your trading portfolio.

    My review of Forex Kagi Trading System and detailed results of forwardtest you can find on my website.

    Regards, Mark.

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    Will check it out, thanks.

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Forex Kagi System