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    Quote Originally Posted by Franklyn View Post
    Funyoo, are the rules for this version any different from the older version, and do you have current tests to date. I ask because the back tests I did on my end performed badly in the past couple of weeks, thanks again.
    Hi Franklyn,

    No the rules are different :

    - You open 2 trades when a yellow ball appears and that's it, no more trades until the next yellow ball in the other direction,
    - Both trade get an SL at the High or Low of the Yellow ball bar,
    - as soon as the trade has moved 20 pips in your favor, take profit on Order 1 and set the Stop Loss of Order 2 to breakeven, cash in Order 2 when the Yellow ball in the other direction appears.

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    Hi funyoo can u send me the pallada's latest version 2009 se on my email i'll be really grateful thanks

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    hai funyo.can u help me coding ea pallada version martingle?very profit at manual trades.

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    Hi funyoo,

    I have been thinking about pallada ea v2, the market conditions are not stationary and strongly tied to currency to trade. How do you train the ea parameters ?. It is direct to use genetic optimization integrated on metatrader but this is slow because there are a great data amount so online learning using genetic is not useful. I think is possible to modify online the ea parameters through particle swarm optimization as is very fast. what is your opinion ?

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    Did someone have the latest version of Pallada? According to their website, new Pallada 5 is available!?

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    Take a look at the current EA results in this myfxbook profile. Since 2014 it demonstrates nice results!

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