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Thread: Renko Chase v2.2 Based Renk oChart

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    Renko Chase
    Trading System for MT4

    • Platform: Metatrader 4 Only
    • Trading Style : Renko Chart
    • Latest Release: v2.2

    This trading system is Non-Time charting system based on Japanese Renko Charting, with this combined indicator oriented for forex & stock traders and investor, suitable for any style of trading, the power key of the system is the correct manner how to use renko chart, settings that never revealed on the internet, even found it’s wrong technics how to build the renko chart correctly.

    Support All Pairs and All Markets :

    • Forex, Futures, Stocks, Indices, CFDs, Commodity, Indian Markets, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Etherium ...
    • Two in One! 2 Pre-ready templates for Conservative Long terms Trading & Agressive Mode for Scalping & Day-trade Mostly used.
    • Almost Free Risk System, Trading based on Price Behavior, Big target and tight loss ( 25 to 30 Recommended as Stop Loss )
    • Notification in Real-Time by Sound, Pop-up Alert, Email, Push Notification for Mobile Metratrader on : iOS & Android

    How to Use this Strategy ?

    The main rule to use this system is synchronize your trading with the economic news to confirm that upcoming news will not be against the signal appeared by the system, to avoid get in wrong signal when negative news turns scales against your position.

    NOTE: Trial Copy available for demo Upon RequestBuy License for Real Account
    We deliver Package within 24h or Less

    Trading Strategy inside:

    There are 2 trading strategy can be used with this combined system depend on trader style for Scalping & Day-trade or Conservative trading.
    For scalping and days trade we always recommend to use Aggressive mode, while you can use Conservative mode for Swing & long terms investment, everything work with news, this trading strategy is unique that give you psychological comfort, away of Candlestick time-frame charts, don't miss any trading opportunities, Suitable for Scalping, Daytrade and Short/Medium terms trading by using Aggressive trading mode, as can be used for Long terms investment with Conservative mode suitable to trade GOLD, SILVER, CFDs, Indices & Cryptocurrency Trading.

    Advantage with Renko Chase

    • Renko Chase clearly indicate support and resistance levels, easy to define your target and stop Loss level.
    • Renko charts filter out the noise of wicks and are based solely on price without time.
    • No Chart Pattern knowledge required, save your time and miss translation analysis.
    • Super mechanic trading system with High Performance trend direction
    • Suitable for any style of trading, scalping, Day trade or swing investment
    • Auto-reverse trading system, enter and exit at opposite signal.
    • The best system to drive safe trading by synchronize signals with economic news.
    • Power Signal can make from 10 to 1000 pips from 1 position with very tight loss
    • Congestion areas can be analyzed more efficiently with the true price.
    • Easy system to avoid trading inside the price recession area and reversal bars
    • Work with All Markets Forex, Gold, Oil, CFDs, Stocks & Share, Cryptocurrency...ect
    • Very profitable during release of high volatility news and speech.
    • Perfect symmetric trading rules for Sell or Buy positions

    Buy License Website:

    Developed By:
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    you have indicator fo this system ?

    Can drop here or send to my email ?



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    Quote Originally Posted by sycamor View Post

    you have indicator fo this system ?

    Can drop here or send to my email ?


    Official Website
    Renko Chase ™ Official Website

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