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Thread: Semi automated trading system

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    Default Semi automated trading system


    The Dealer is a NO LOSS semi-automated system that enables almost every trade to be profitable in a trending market without having to search for the's the adequate tool to turn your losing trades into winning trades.

    All Forex traders come across the no loss trading system at some point called recovery zone methodology this method is risky, but very profitable if we know how to spot the right zone for trading, there're various fashions to trade with these systems, it's up to traders knowledge, it depends on the strategies applied in the market and specially on the choice of the recovery zone itself, this tool can suit any strategy you have, you can use it in combination with your favorite entry strategy you just need to well detect your recovery zone,The Dealer will do the rest automatically.

    The Dealer can be used in any market. Compatible with all time frames,

    ************************************************** ***********
    How it works

    Markets are in a constant state of flux; they are continually shifting from movement to rest and back, This interchange is never ending
    This is a must have - especially if you want to grab some quick profits when the market is moving. In case the market moves in the unfavorable direction, the expert starts hedging your trade by placing an opposite order, but with greater trade size.

    you Just draw two horizontal lines on your chart and named HIGH for high prices and LOW for low prices , it will place automatically two pending orders with stops and take profits, the stops are placed in the opposites orders and take profits are at 50 pips from the entries, you can adjust the take profits as you like. the orders were same lot 0.01 for example.

    when the first order is hited, the expert will automatically delete the other pending order and place another one with 0.02 lots, if one of the orders is stoped , the expert will place automatically an other opposite pending order with higher lot size until the take profit is reached, Once one of the TP levels is reached then the expert will delete the remaining pending order declarer the end of the cycle.

    every cycle is an alternating series of buy and sell trades at specific levels and with different lot sizes until the profit is reached.

    Thank you for choosing this tool, it will surely help you in your trading courses, keep in tune in this link, we will upload the full version sooner.

    ************************************************** ***********
    How to Run

    Set the starting Lot size, eg. 0.1 or 0.01
    Attach the UP TO YOU in a chart,Then place two trendlines
    Rename the Upper Line as HIGH and Lower Line as LOW, Once those two are renamed, two pending orders will be place automatically.

    important : Do not place any line too close to the current price, otherwise it will be fail to execute
    keep your target bigger than your recovery zone to get profit.
    to avoid much iteration, trade in trending market

    if you're interesting , you can PM me.
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    Hello there,

    this is not a scam tool and will never be, this is a real trading system which you can use and profit from the market every week, let talk about the strategy to know exactly how it works.
    after trading with a lot of indicators and trying many trading concepts like price action, harmonics patterns, demark, Gann, Elliot wave, Fibonacci, I come up with this methodology, it is based on the fact that no one can predict the direction of the price, the recovery zone is ideal fashion to trade this assumption with no direction in the market, we simply put two pending orders in specified areas and increase the lot size when we got stopped, and all traders know that the price sooner or later will hit the target because the market is volatile and never move in straight lines.
    this recovery zone should not be larger or smaller to get nice results and the history on GBPUSD currency pair, for example, shows that 40 pips is the ideal size for the recovery zone and other pairs have other sizes to take in consideration while trading using this methodology.
    I use also advance candlesticks patterns to define whether the price is volatile and I trade based on it, the entries and exits points are my own discovery and cannot be revealed right now, these parameters are made by calculations and observations. and are very accurate, this is how I trade based on this methodology and everyone has his own strategy and still can use this tool to recover his losing trades to winning ones.
    next week I will open a demo account and trade to prove the profitability of this strategy and show the results at the same time. more information can ve found at HOME | Dealer

    here is one of my reports on demo accounts.
    I made 19% in return during one month, the results are above average, see the report below, this tool can help you to recover your losing trades to winning ones, I would like your to comment here in this thread, I'm ready to answer to all your questions, good luck.
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    The system's semi-automatic mode is an interesting feature. The system does not open trades itself, and the final solution is always left to the trader. This system is curious in itself, and it makes sense to pay attention to it. But at the same time, I strongly recommended to test it on a demo so that we can already draw constructive conclusions.

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    Anyone currently trading live using this system? What effect does it have on your live trades?

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    Anyone currently trading live using this system? What effect did it have on your live trades? Because I have seen many traders use on Demo accounts and most of them were not happy about the results.

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