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Thread: PipsFlush System F (Manual Trading System)

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    Default PipsFlush System F (Manual Trading System)

    Hi all,

    i would inform you about a new Trading System on the Market.
    It's called PipsFlush System F. Systems stands for Forex.
    Seems that they will bring more Trading Systems on the Market.
    They talk about System C and System HP

    I bought the System and worked since 4 Weeks with very good Results.

    The System is the Result of a Community Work from professional Traders.
    The Community consists of technical Analysts as well as Programmers

    PipsFlush System F comes with all Indicators you need for opening a Trade. They have an easy to understand Manual. Also there are Indicators used that are available on the Market for free like the FFcal.

    So if anybody interested looking for the System...here is the Website.


    I will not make any advertisement for this product. So please don't ask me if you want to know anything. Ask their Support
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    Oh, thanks so much Rstr, I bought this strategy and I can say its mighty, thanks for sharing this secret. May lord of trading be with always

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PipsFlush System F (Manual Trading System)

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