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    Default Robin Hood Mechanical Forex System

    I was sent the details of this system the other day and I also found their website here. Unfortunately the PDF file that I've got is failing to upload to the TSF server for some reason.

    I built an EA to test whether the system worked or not and my initial impression was that the system itself was flawed. I also tested other settings on other instruments and came to a similar conclusion. Whatever I tried, the best I could get was for it to barely breakeven.

    Has anybody else heard of it or got any experience of it? I can't see why he would go to the trouble of creating a website if the system didn't work, so am I missing something?

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    Can you post the EA you created?

    I got the same email and do keep in mind that he is giving away the system for free so that has to be accounted for.

    From what I remember of the system one had to alternate long and short positions depending on which conditions happened first. Did you code that requirement in?


    P.S. Also keep in mind that the FAPTurbo EA uses the EUR/GBP pair for it system and lately the brokers seem to really raise the spread during the trading time for FAPTurbo (9PM-2AM GMT).

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    Hi bwillan,

    I'm still testing the EA but I did include a feature which gave the option to use only alternating positions or not. A friend also did some manual backtesting of the idea on chunnel and she reckoned it could work albeit the 50 pip profit target might be a bit ambitious.

    Personally, I don't think that FAPTurbo or any of the EURGBP_King family of EA's which scalp just 4 or 5 pips in thin overnight trade could ever work out of demo. They seem to have been made popular though by their success in the recent ATC.

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Robin Hood Mechanical Forex System

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