Bitcoin: a giant crypto money farm inaugurated in Russia-kirichi-mining-farm-bitcoin-russia-jpg

In Russia, a giant new "farm" will produce Bitcoins, with a power of 20 megawatts, in the city of Kirichi, 112 miles southeast of St. Petersburg. The "mining" units will create bitcoins, the most popular virtual currency, and litecoins, its competitor. The company covers 43,000 sq ft and has more than 3,000 mining units. This "farm" is located in an old Soviet shed, uninhabited for twenty years, which has long made fertilizers. Its construction took more than a year and required the investment of 500 million rubles (7.3 million USD).

According to Alexei Koroliov, each mining unit could produce between 130 and 140,000 rubles each year (between 1,905 and 2,050 USD per year).