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Thread: US regulators punish currency crypto actors

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    Default US regulators punish currency crypto actors

    US regulators punish currency crypto actors-crypto-asset-management-jpg

    The Crypto Asset Management fund has been sanctioned for $ 200,000 by the SEC. The latter claimed to be properly registered and regulated, which was not the case. It was supposedly the first crypto-asset fund to have been regulated in the United States. This fund had raised $ 3.6 million in a few months. According to the US market authority, they had to offer buybacks to the investors concerned and stopped their public offer.

    TokenLot, for its part, was fined $ 100,000 and must repay $ 500,000 for not being properly registered.

    The creator of HempCoin, Timothy Tilton Ayre has got a complaint against him, from FINRA for introducing fraudulently his cryptocurrency. He urged investors to bet on a company with no real value, named Rocky Mountain Ayre, Inc., using a cryptocurrency called HempCoin. This was supposed to be the first cryptographic currency to be linked to tradable securities. This company was indeed listed on the Pink Market of OTC Markets, with false activities and finances.

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