Ethereum must pass into the real world according to its creator-ethereum-economy-jpg

The Ethereum has lost not less than 60% in the space of three months. It went from $ 540 to $ 215. The capitalization of Ethereum is now $ 22 billion. The creator of the currency, Vitalik Buterin, recently confessed that the era of exponential growth of the blockchain was coming to an end. And this has been true since "the average human" has been aware of its existence.

According to Buterin, growth opportunities with a multiplier of 1000 no longer exist. The growth of the cryptocurrency market is close to its upper limit. The next step is to switch cryptos into practical applications, ie in the real world.

The ceiling would not be far off if we believe an interview of the designer given to the Bloomberg media.

For him, the person who has been moderately educated has at least once heard about the blockchain and its operation. The initial strategy of seduction of cryptos with adoption marketing, then its optimization would be obsolete. Now the currencies have to enter into the real economy, which is another decisive objective.