Wall Street Crash!

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Thread: Wall Street Crash!

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    Default Wall Street Crash!

    Wall Street Crash!
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    The 2008 Wall Street crash was undoubtedly one of the most notable events of 2008. Going ten years back, only a few could have predicted the tsunami' that hit the biggest financial hub in the world. To think two years prior to 2008 that Americans' 401Ks would have lost over 40 percent in value and that an estimated 2, 6 million jobs would be lost in 2008 was unthinkable.

    Not many would have foreseen Wall Street existence without big investment bank giants like Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers. To think that the Detroit three', the biggest car manufacturing companies in the US would be at the brink of collapse and begging Congress for a bailout was unimaginable.

    The reality of 2008 was that all the unthinkable, unimaginable things did happen and Wall Street turned into somewhat like a horror movie gone bad for many, with repercussions that would impact the US economy for years to come and completely change the game plan of the operations of Wall Street

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    That was really a horrible time for everyone. No ideas, not any solutions, the only thing left was crash & crash. Nothing was going in favor of economy to give people and traders some rest. Finally we are back in the scene and gaining the poverty and economic strength. OMG, that was really frustrating.
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Wall Street Crash!

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