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Thread: Traders Optimistic on Market Rebound

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    Default Traders Optimistic on Market Rebound

    Traders on Wall Street expressed optimism that the effects of Monday's sell-off are behind them. The AP's Bonny Ghosh reports. (Sept. 30)
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    It's pretty well known that emotion moves the market to a significant degree, a perception of doubt and misery inhibits growth becasue, after all, investment is gambling on the odds.

    I wonder how the market will respond in the days ahead.

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    U.S. after last week’s interest rates meeting statement, the United States economy situation is not clear, double dip recession become a topic again aroused the market, coupled with China’s import and export figures and the United States to China’s poor trade performance, increased market pessimistic case, crude oil fell more than 6% in the week.

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    It's a good sign if traders are looking optimistic, but a trader must never be over confidant, then they can make some money, otherwise everyone knows that there are 95 % traders are looser in the market.

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