Irish Bank Guarantee Scheme

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    Default Irish Bank Guarantee Scheme

    - Irish government guarantees bank deposits - Telegraph

    Irish Bank Guarantee Scheme Irish Business News Dublin - RADIO IRISH NEWS from RADIOIRISH.COM broadcasting live from New York City. The Irish Government has passed The irish Government's Bank Guarantee SCheme, a bill that will now give a guarantee on the loans and deposits of six Irish Banks up to the tune of 400 Billion Euro, and at the expense of the Irish tax payer. Dail Eireann and the Seanad passed the new Irish Government Bank Guarantee Scheme, with Minister for Finance in Ireland Brian Lenihan hailing the new scheme into law. RADIO IRISH NEWS is presented by Sean McCarthy, Bob Gallico and Henry O'Donovan from Irish Radio Station New York City RADIO IRISH.
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Irish Bank Guarantee Scheme

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