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Thread: US Debt Clock Goes Over $10 Trillion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gecko View Post
    US will start working next monday, that i can say almost for sure. Those people are not that stupid. Meantime, i need to go to the bank and buy some euro insted of USD.
    You are right, US Dollar WILL NEVER wake up. The U.S. economic is deeeeeply on trouble and ruins. All companies in USA have to think hardly to solve their situation, but they can't do anything...
    Stock of US market also suffer of loses...

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    Over the past 10 years, a mind-boggling $10 trillion plus has been added to the nation's debt load. Here are the exact numbers:

    US Debt Load on March 20th, 2003 - $6,460,712,491,314.69
    US Debt Load on March 20th, 2013 - $16,736,188,026,047.86US Debt Clock Goes Over $10 Trillion

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    I really begin to worry when I think about things like this. The American debt continues to rise, so I have to wonder where it all will end. The reality of the economy is that inflation is going to occur until we raise our consciousness as a society and develop a new method of value exchange. The debt can only continue to grow when we must pay the Federal Reserve more money than they print. The other side of things is the reality that we have access to a significant amount of natural resources, so in a way I guess we could say that our debt is a gamble on the value of our overall access to various resources.

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