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Thread: US Debt Clock Goes Over $10 Trillion

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    Default US Debt Clock Goes Over $10 Trillion

    US Debt Clock Goes Over $10 Trillion.
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    Remember, unemployment (and business being off) make the debt go up -- that's what they call an automatic stabilizer. That has been built in because politicians are too slow to help out.

    Economy goes down, as a result tax collection goes down automatically.

    (1) This helps the economy and limits unemployment, but ...
    (2) It increases debt.

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    Yes, Shirley.... Do you remember Obama only a few short months ago PROMISED he'd NEVER allow unemployment go above 8 percent...LOL....It's 20 percent in some cities now....countrywide average over 10.... Is he a smooth talking lawyer...or smooth talking liar...?? The later... Obama's overspending makes Bush look like a pennypincher.... He'll be a ONE Term President... Thank God...
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    USD Dollar (USD) (28 Oct 2010) - The Dollar strengthened across the board as stocks in the U.S. approached session lows. Core Durable Goods Orders came out at -0.8%, worse than the expected 0.2%.

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    And now it's up over 14 TRILLION. WTF is wrong with this picture.

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    Ok, this topic deserves to come back to live, since the US budget is about to become a reason of the economical collapse. What are your thoughts, do we need to buy more food and invest money in something that has a physical value?

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    everyone is worried about the shutdown announced by the US.....its a matter of worry.

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    What are your thoghts? How long they will paly cat and mouse until someone gives up? I feel like Obama should sacrifice his Obamacare

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    US will start working next monday, that i can say almost for sure. Those people are not that stupid. Meantime, i need to go to the bank and buy some euro insted of USD.

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