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    Default McCain Financial Crisis Flip Flops - ABC News on

    CHARLIE GIBSON: And with apologies for our technical difficulties, we're going to turn back to the difficult economy, and the way the presidential candidates are dealing with it, particularly John McCain. Here's David Wright.

    DAVID WRIGHT: John McCain was against the government bailout of AIG, before he was reluctantly for it. Here he was yesterday on "Today."

    JOHN MCCAIN: We cannot bail AIG or anybody else. We have to work through it.

    WRIGHT: Asked about the same topic today on "Good Morning America" -

    MCCAIN: I don't think anybody I know wanted to do that. But there are literally millions of people whose retirement, whose investments, whose insurance were at risk here. And they were going to have their lives destroyed.

    WRIGHT: Senator McCain appears to have changed his tune on regulation in a fundamental way. Today on the stump, he's a champion of reigning in Wall Street with tough regulations.

    MCCAIN: We're going to put an end to the reckless conduct, corruption and greed that have caused a crisis on Wall Street.

    WRIGHT: But for more than 25 years in the Senate, McCain has fashioned himself as a champion of smaller government, less regulation.

    MCCAIN: I am less government, less regulation, lower taxes, et cetera.
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McCain Financial Crisis Flip Flops - ABC News on

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