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    SINCE the start of the financial crisis Britain's economy has been on a roller-coaster ride. GDP sank 7.2% over six consecutive quarters in 2008 and 2009. It bounced back strongly in 2010 and 2011. But by late 2011 the economy had tumbled into a double-dip downturn.

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    EUR is recovering well, its better to take short positions in EURUSD....

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    a very low positive sign for EU economy has shown, at present germany is the only state which is going to give output....

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    Germany is well off, although its growth is sluggish. France, and the Southern European countries, those were the ones who went through hard recessions and budget adjustments. The stock market keeps growing though, which is always a good signal.

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    The Economy of Europe comprises more than 731 million people in 48 different countries. Like other continents, the wealth of Europe's states varies, although the poorest are well above the poorest states of other continents in terms of GDP and living standards. The difference in wealth across Europe can be seen roughly in former Cold War divide, with some countries breaching the divide (Portugal, Slovenia and the Czech Republic). Whilst most European states have GDP per capita higher than the world's average and are very highly developed (Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Andorra, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland), some European economies, despite their position over the world's average (except for Moldova) in the Human Development Index (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Turkey, Ukraine) are still catching up with European leading countries.

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