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    Yes if you did a backtest then it would peform badly from 2009/01/01 until now and you would get poor results.

    I have never come accross and EA that works well from start to finish consistanly forever with out optimizing. The reason you optimize from time to time is because the market emotions change and you need to adjust the settings accordingly.

    No ones knows how something will perform in forward testing until you forward it, even a robot that has peformed very well in backtests can perform badly in forward testing, just like a robot that has performed badly in a backtest can peform well in a foward test.

    However the better it is optmized and the better it performs in a backtest then there is a much better chance that it will continue in forward trading, but no gurantees.

    I like to optmize my EAs regularily so it gives me that edge in my trading and it gives me a much better chance of doing well in my forward trading, however there is no hard and fast rule to what you should do. it really comes down to personal preferance i guess!

    Quote Originally Posted by brendan View Post
    Forgive my ignorance, for I am relatively new but if I used the same set file as in the first post and did a backtest for the period 3/13/09 on and results were terrible, then basically would that not indicate that the ea doesn't perform well on a go-forward basis? If you keep having to re-optimize it then what is the point?


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    Anybody ever do any further work on the parameter optimization on StarFX Trader? There was earlier discussion of this, but I have not seen any follow up.

    BTW - It also seems that FXGTC just took funyoo's original set file and is running that off the shelf for Electron.

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    Default Results for StarFX Trader

    I had a demo account for StarFX Trader.
    Start Date: 07/29/2009
    End Date: 08/28/2009
    Broker: Best Direct (PFG). It's an ECN.
    EUR/USD: + $ 2,319.70
    GBP/USD: - $ 425.60
    USD/CHF: - $ 204.43
    USD/JPY : + $ 210.79
    I have closed the account and have reopened it trading only one profitable pair: EUR/USD

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    Default Opps

    Forgot to mention: H1 Time Frame.

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    Going over the results of the FXGTC live demo of this, closing open trade with a 15-hour time stop looks like it would help to cut drawdown. One winner becomes a loser and the three losers are smaller; total $ losses cut by 40%. Now, if only I could code....
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    Default StarFX Trader v1.1

    This is a version with the option to close a trade after user defined minutes.
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    Thanks for the great work! I'll test from 480-900 minutes by 30 minute intervals and see what turns up.

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    I have backtested the original EA from June-1 until today and got only 3 trades, but tons of messages like
    2009.10.22 16:38:39 2009.10.15 22:00 StarFX Trader EURUSD,H1: OrderSend error 4107
    2009.10.22 16:38:39 2009.10.15 22:00 StarFX Trader EURUSD,H1: invalid price 1.49276000 for OrderSend function
    2009.10.22 16:38:38 2009.10.13 19:00 StarFX Trader EURUSD,H1: OrderSend error 4107
    2009.10.22 16:38:38 2009.10.13 19:00 StarFX Trader EURUSD,H1: invalid price 1.48377000 for OrderSend function
    2009.10.22 16:38:38 2009.10.13 09:00 StarFX Trader EURUSD,H1: OrderSend error 4107
    2009.10.22 16:38:38 2009.10.13 09:00 StarFX Trader EURUSD,H1: invalid price 1.47896000 for OrderSend function
    This happens very often in backtests on FXOpen-platform, therefore I used the Masterforex-platform, but still the same error-messages.
    Both are 4-digit and of course I used the 4-digit version of StarFX-EA.

    What can I do to stop this mess ?

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