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    Lightbulb MAM Hedger - Testing needed

    Ok, here is the deal.

    I developed a Martingale EA which tries to be as robust/safe as possible for these systems.

    Key points are: selective entry points based on multiple time-frames to avoid long reverse trends, limiting the drawdowns but when those are reached the robot uses an anti-martingale system to dismount those positions(do not close them all like 99% of the other systems).

    So back to the deal, I would like to find a group of testers (similar to what they did with Blessing) that are able to backtest, optimise and if possible forward test it. Not to waste our time, I need people that are familiar with those processes. In exchange if you find a good setting, and prove it works in one month forward, I will grant you a licence of the system.

    Currently the system is optimised for only EURGBP_M1. It works well with low volatility pairs.
    I back tested for this year, and it does 15-20% a month with around 100 trades/month.


    MAM Hedger - Testing needed-strategytester_20130819_v1-7_twoframecomp_mult-1-5_minlot-0-02_div-3_maxrdd-300_maxorders-6_prof-gif
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    Default Hi there

    IŽd like to test it, pls send download link to ea and settings u r using

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MAM Hedger - Testing needed