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Thread: mGRID_ver7.0

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    Hi, I run Mgrid V7 on more than 1 pair with no problems.

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    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well.First I want to say thank you to Mr. Funyoo for having this excellent web page available.I also want to thank all the other coders and testers.
    I was looking at the Mgrid ea, and I have a question about it.I have not forward tested it, but it seems to be a great idea.My question is, I believe it will be possible to have a sell trade and a buy trade open at the same time?
    With the new NFA policy of not having a hedge on the same pair, I don't think the ea will be able to be used on brokers such as IBFX once the new policy starts?
    Thanks again and have a great day!

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    The ea has a bug,it opens a huge amount of orders sometimes.For example if we have increment 2, when buy order triggers ea must open 2 additional sell orders,but it opens 10 or more orders.This bug results in big dd. Can someone fix this expellent ea?

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    Dear funyoo,
    i love your forum and i am new..
    could you made the following grid ea for me? .....
    1. only two bending order for the current price. 2 pip BUY STOP AND 2 pip SELL STOP
    2. Take profit of 2pip for both order which make the total grid width is 8 pips.
    3. When one bending order trigger the same time The ea should gently increase only one of the
    opposite bending order for the same price and the same lot which try to to get minimum
    profit of 2 pip always and continues...
    4. Grid width will be 8 pips always and should not increase any time..
    5. orders no need stop loss..
    6. even the dead choppy condition 8 pips Grid Width will not be the big problem to i think..

    i am sorry for my bad english
    i am very thank ful to you if you made this Ea for me
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    Default add max order

    Quote Originally Posted by mik69 View Post
    Expert on remitted warrant
    Thanks for the friends that barely mess
    Is it possible for experts to put restrictions on trade. Ie we determine that we have some deal.

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    Default Mgrid

    is possible to place the stop line of EA mobile? Upon an exponential media. In tow will be triggered if the EA and begun to operate again.

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