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    Default Daily Pivot EA

    A Daily Pivot EA.

    EU M5. On one year.

    Total net profit : 54.51%
    RDD : 33.10%

    Hard to find some good results.
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    Lightbulb hi funyoo

    hi funyoo..
    i'm 1 of your fans since forex TSD...

    funyoo, i think you analized in wrong ways.. (you see it in reverse i mean)

    i have already forward test it, and it works..

    i mean not the EA, but the trading system,,

    you should be able to backtest it..
    i have already attached the indicator, could you make an EA based on this..?

    - The MM should be up to you..
    but devenitely it needs
    preset LOCK,
    Trail "hidden" SL, SL for exit,
    no TP

    Thank You Funyoo fans of you..

    actually i have another 2 request, but i am afraid that i will bother you..
    then you mad at me.. so, i only post the best that i tought..
    Attached Images Attached Images Daily Pivot EA-15m-1-see-chart-gif Daily Pivot EA-15m-2-open-1candle-gif Daily Pivot EA-15m-3-trail-sl-15-lock-4-gif Daily Pivot EA-15m-rules-15m-gif 

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    Lightbulb IF used on TF 1 HOUR... Long Term

    if those system used on 1hour, we can see better results..

    EA with simple and adjustable preset, would be nice..

    These 4pcs 1hour picture are from 1week before..
    Attached Images Attached Images Daily Pivot EA-1h-1-gif Daily Pivot EA-1h-2-gif Daily Pivot EA-1h-3-gif Daily Pivot EA-1h-4-gif 
    God please drop me 1 empty cheque from sky..

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    Talking Please create an EA for me..

    i forgot to tell you, we can use reverse in TF15m
    i attached 1 picture to clear...

    soo if it would like to be created as an EA, should have an option to turn on/off reverse thing.. (only tested on TF15m)

    the indicator are attached on below..
    please create EA based on this..

    Thank You Funyoo
    Attached Images Attached Images Daily Pivot EA-reverse-tf15m-gif 
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    God please drop me 1 empty cheque from sky..

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    Lightbulb hidden SL?

    here is the idea of script hidden SL
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    God please drop me 1 empty cheque from sky..

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    Default EA pivot


    je suis a la recherche d'un expert qui travaille sur les pivots

    d'apres vous ? quel est la meilleur maniere de travailler avec les pivots et de limite les faux signaux ?


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    hi funyoo..

    I would appreciate if you kindly add 2 more option on entry settings like price distance after pivot point and candle close like 1,2,3 candles after point points

    Hope i have not ask much.


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