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    it only thoy
    this results are possible only on demo. I modify this ea for use only in weekend. You see how much money brokers save for themselves.
    there is answer from alpari uk :
    what is price for pending orders in case gap between
    friday close and open sunday/monday.
    pending Buy Stop at 1,40010
    close price friday 1,39900
    open price sunday 1,40090

    so trade will be open on which price ? my price from pending 1,40010 or
    current market price 1.40090 ?
    Buy Stop is executed at Ask price, so if we assume that the prices you mentioned were ask prices, then the order would have been executed at first price on the marketing opening - 1,40090
    As we do not guarantee order levels, any pending order whether it be an order to enter a position, or stop loss or take profit level, if the order is in the middle of a market gapping it will be filled at our first quoted price after the gapping. So, if close price Friday is 1,39900 and your stop loss order was at 1,40010, if the market opens at 1,40090 on Sunday night, your stop would be filled at 1,40090.
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    Typically the way I've handled it....First close trades before weekend is preferred....next you should take off T/P or S/L as no matter what the market actually is at open they will fill at your set values, not the market...They will keep the profit. Third consider an offsetting order to balance out the position you are stuck with, creating a null situation....BillR

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Week-end gap

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