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Thread: TrendCapture

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    Hello to all,
    Im new here and also to Forex, I must congratulate everyone especially Funyoo on your great effort here and your teamwork.
    I do have a question about this EA , Do we need to place the ADX indicator in this EA or it is in the program already or not needed.
    Much appreciated

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    Great job funyoo! i'm kind of new here.. is this EA working with micro lots? thanks ya!

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    Default On IBFX Demo

    I though a few of this wonderful EAs on to charts with funyoo's set file... Been trading since Monday .... 3 trades .. 2 closed at TP and the third is still open and about half where to TP.

    Love it so far


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    This EA work in a 1000€ account?
    ....does it places minilots order?

    ...because if extern double MaximumRisk= is placed at 0.0489 and this ea works in a 1000€ account it should be place order using minilots. But I'm not sure. Does It have other parametres instead the code to work with minilot?


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    Hi funyoo,

    i followed this thread. the system looks very impressive.
    But i think it will not work for ECN brokers?

    Is it a big job to modify this EA for marketorders?


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    Hi funyoo,

    great job...

    would be great if you can add 2nd time period per day.
    so you can much better use during london session time.

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    Default I do have western broker

    Quote Originally Posted by MadCow View Post
    Wow! what rapid response. Thank you very much.
    FYI, the time filter has a small problem for brokers west of London. Thursday may be Friday GMT. This can cause trades to carry over the weekend. My fix for this is to add (to all EA's with time protection):
    extern string GC = "Add GMT_Add to broker time to get GMT";
    extern int GMT_Add;

    int Today;
    int start(){
    //...Find out the day in GMT time.
    if (TimeHour(TimeCurrent()) + GMT_Add>24) Today += 1;
    if(Today==7) Today = 0;

    Then I replace all DayofWeek() calls by Today

    I suppose that most members use brokers East of London, so it may not be useful to add this to the EA. I can do it myself, I just wanted to help western members.
    I do have a western broker in GMT-4,-5 time zone. I would need those modifications suggested by MadCow.
    Also, does this code support ECN or that to be added as well?
    Thanks to Funyoo and all members for thoughtful posts, I am going to forward test this one.

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    Default check settings, load .set provided in 1st post

    Quote Originally Posted by freedom48 View Post
    Hi here... I have not the same result.. anyone knows what happen to my results..My trades are only with 0.3 lots, and I tried with different brokers as well in all time periods (4 digit mt4), and also all versions of this EA, now Im on v103(modified), do I have to set parameter step from 0.02or the max risk from 0.03.. so really It looks like crazy when I see profitable backtests and my is always in lost..there has to be a solution but I really need support. I use for demos Tradeviewfx and for my live accounts or demos Netinvest Trader as broker.. No Alpari

    Thanks to everbody who helps me..
    Use presets from 1st post, here
    place Trendcapture (modified) euM30.set into experts/presets folder, then
    click on the chart where your EA is , then F7, go to Inputs folder, press Load, select Trendcapture(modified)euM30.set, press Open, OK.
    Now you should have same settings as everybody else on the board and same results
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    Default What kind of Money Manager do you use?

    Quote Originally Posted by viennatrader View Post
    this is the report and setting.
    eurusd M30,Gbpusd M15 ,Audusd M15 ,Eurjpy M30, Usdchf M30,
    set datei posting 1 funyoo.
    ea ttrendcapture (modifield)v101
    i hope i can help.
    best regards
    Vienna, there is no way you can break even the way you show on your statement just by using original settings in the EA. And you did say you just use original Funyoo .set.
    According to your screen shots TP=110 and SL=185 do match Funyoo's .set, but it looks you tweaked the rest of order management settings.
    I can't tell if you optimized Parabolic and ADX or not, but seems you are much more familiar with optimization then you are willing to admit

    Thanks far sharing.
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    Default Report of v101

    The report shows how the EA works -
    I'm not a programmer if someone other setting needs mr.funyoo please write.
    I have only used the lot at 0.02 discontinued because I use a small trading account.
    in a 1000 usd account should never have more losses as 5%.
    which is expected for a trade.
    I use setting mr.funyoo 185 stop -of 110 profit-risk 0.0485. and lot 0.02!
    best regards
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