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    Pipalot, I saw Stop loss variable in preferences, you can change it from 0 to a higher number.
    This is amazing
    you can also post your multi year back tests, they look real impressive.
    i wish you can pay your bills with this stuff
    P.S. Sorry for rumble, but all these EAs require heavy optimization and forward testing and that's rather expected from you
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    Default Vienna, screen shot please

    Quote Originally Posted by viennatrader View Post
    hallo mr.funyoo,
    this child is no cash machine
    the destruction of money is in absolute perfection!
    best regards
    Vienna, could you post screen shot, you are real good at it.
    I want to see timeframes that you use.
    You might discovered next great system to play in reverse.

    many thanks
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    Default answer

    timeframe M5
    audjpy,eurjpy,audusd,gbpusd,and eurusd.
    best regards

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    Default new test begin 25 06 2009

    hello ,
    i am test beginn the same pair and timeframes .
    i stardet reverse true and hedge true .
    statement next week.
    best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metatrader7 View Post
    Vienna, could you post screen shot, you are real good at it.
    I want to see timeframes that you use.
    You might discovered next great system to play in reverse.

    many thanks
    It is not true that if a system loses money you can just reverse the trades to make it profitable. Sorry.

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    Pipalot, you are right. Spread can get you. And yes this system needs a stop.
    Vienna should add a wide 150 pip stop, that should work.
    Exercise makes great practice.

    it could be not a sytem at all but a back fit - only appearance of the system. It can be well written, but in reality is nothing more then a programming language exercise project.

    Anything can be back fitted with gazillion $ curve (statistics says)

    System means it can spot a pattern, if it looks like random firing - there is no system, but pretence, keep looking.

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    Regarding stops, it appears to have an internal dynamic stop mechanism in addition to the extern SL and TP settings (Either that or some rogue code). Both my SL and TP settings are 0. However, I've seen losses as low as a few dollars and as high as ~$1600. You see this on previous posted statements from viennatrader too. The stops are all over the place. However, I'm not sure how it calculates when it's going to SL. Just like I'm not sure how it calculates TP.

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    Default Please, help me.


    Sorry for my bad english. I speak spanish

    Could you help to know this strategy.?

    Could I use this strategy manually?

    How I can set and view the signals in and out to trade manually?

    Thank you for your cooperation.


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    Default Taichi Reverse

    hello to all,
    I had computer problems so I could not post.
    so I oppose trade
    I have the ea made to reverse -
    the couples you see in the image and in the statement.
    setup is funyoo EURUSD 5m to all couples.
    best regards
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    i need hep please. i notice there are 3TF settings for this ea. how do i attach the ea? do i attach it to 3 different time frames or just one time frame? i also want to optimize for best settings and i am confused which of the time frame parameters i should optimize. thanks guys

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