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Thread: Taichi DeMarker EA

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    Looks like a great strategy...
    Has anyone forward tested it?

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    could someone give me the datas for optimizing this ea?

    setting, start, step and end....

    i think i could do some work here.


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    Having to be patient without sound backtesting for IBFX, due to their fairly recent change to 5 digit. Got several (10 to be exact) trades this morning, in a cluster on IBFX on GBPJPY using only parameters as set forth in EA. I finally figured that ATR parameters should NOT have an extra zero, since it has nothing to do with money or pips. So . . . I set MinATRRange back to 3 for IBFX.

    I now plan to integrate the other numbers (aside from the adjusted numbers given to dcrowley06 by Funyoo in an earlier post) from the set given by Bennyfacht. I am attaching that modified set, which should now work for IBFX. . . but, NO Guarantees! PLEASE NOTE: this will probably not work for backtesting purposes on IBFX, only forward testing.
    I will post any forward testing results with this set and hope others will do the same with this or any other sets, with which they have had success.

    I am going to try this set for GBPJPY as well as GBPUSD, since both worked well on backtesting for ALPARI. I don't have very high expectations, though, since they cannot be backtested for any reasonable length of time on IBFX,

    My next step, hopefully someone can help, is to integrate the M5 EURUSD set originally contributed by Funyoo. The problem is that there is no TimeFrame 1 on the set. Has anyone successfully backtested this set on a 4 digit broker? I think I did (backtest) once on Alpari, but have never had a trade on it in forward testing on Alpari. Does anyone know if the TimeFrame 1 = 0 is the issue here? If you have a M5 EURUSD set that has been successfully backtested or forward tested on either a 4 or a 5 digit broker, please post!

    Since pricing data varies from broker to broker, this may all be in vain, but I figure it is the best we can do for IBFX, given the inability to backtest and subsequently optimize for any reasonable period.

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    Try M5 GBPUSD set given by Bennyfacht on 1st page IF you have 4 digit broker (he also successfully backtested the same set on M5 GBPJPY). I am not aware of any optimized set for a 5 digit broker though.
    PLEASE only try this on Demo acct!!!!!!!!!

    Positively DO NOT use my modified set in post above with real money!!!! I do not even have any evidence that it will even work on Demo account with IBFX yet!!!

    Hopefully someone can contribute optimized sets for 5 digit broker!!


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    bigpipn, where do I get the indy on your chart BB_MACD_TF
    Whant to try it,

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    Maybe funyoo could add a feature to automatically deal with 5 digits?
    This is a fantastically good EA.

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    Default IS IT THE TRUTH? Dear Mr. FunYoo!

    Hello Mr.Funyoo,

    Here is the weekly report.
    I note there is a difference between the test and funyoo of this report.
    has been used for the setup of funyoo.
    funyoo posts:
    Taichi Demark EA 101.77 336.00 35.49 36.4 -0.83 unc
    what's the problem?
    Please reply by mr.funyoo
    best thanks and best regards
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilibowl View Post

    Try M5 GBPUSD set given by Bennyfacht on 1st page IF you have 4 digit broker (he also successfully backtested the same set on M5 GBPJPY)

    Chili, in that set, only one imput has tyhe optimization start step and stop.

    does any one have those settings?


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    Default FXDD forward demo

    I've read in this thread that this EA will not work on FXDD. I'm not sure how that was determined, but I am posting my demo results for FXDD. I am running the EA and set file from the first post.

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    Here´s backtest of this EA on 3 currency pair on 1 month (last) on Liteforex Demo broker :


    All on 5M timeframe.
    Other pairs showed bad or poor results.

    Note: I know the quality optimization is not the best (90%) recommended, but anyway gives an idea.

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