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Thread: Stoch EA

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    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    I have put underscores in the indicator's name. Try this two other files.
    this version of ea has not open a single trade all day, even after i loaded the ex4 and mq4 indy into theindy folder.

    i think you should try coding with the other version of MTF stoch indy.

    see attached 2nd verion.
    Attached Images Attached Images Stoch EA-stoch-ea-no-trade-after-adding-indys-2-gif 
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    Here is the MTF_Stochastic B EA.
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    Great Work Funyoo.

    I Will Put It To Work Right Away.
    It Seems We Are Awke All Night Together. I Am In +1 Gmt, But Still Awake Testing Most Of My Downloads From Your Great Site.

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    hi funyoo,

    i am a big fan of stoch.... i normally used stoch (5,3,3) for eu and ej... and it has been great

    however, do you think that the ea can be customized its close position?

    the strategy will be like this...
    open: long when red line crossed blue line below 20
    close: when blue line crossed red line anywhere (0-100)

    open: short when blue line crossed red line above 80
    close: when red line crossed blue line anywhere (0-110)

    below are the image... is it possible to do something like this? thanks in advance

    Stoch EA-stoch-jpg

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    hi funyoo
    are you able to still do ea for stochastic

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