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    Hi guys here is my little contribution to this great forum from where I learned a lot. Thanks to Funyoo.

    Trading system called Saw.

    BUY Rules:
    - Advanced_ADX must be GREEN
    - MOM >100
    - MACD >0

    SELL Rules:
    - Advanced_ADX must be RED
    - MOM <100
    - MACD <0

    Indicators and template:
    ???????? ?????, ????????? ???????? ? ???????

    Here is my EA for it and feel free to make it tweak it and make it better.

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    Hi altoronto,

    Thank you for sharing your system and ea
    Do you have any forward test to share?
    Is it suppose to work only on eurusd or does it work on others pairs?

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    Np, it can work on any pair, just play with TP/SL.

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    Btw. I am looking for improve EA with better timing of buy/sell order so that entry is always at the open of the next 15 minutes candle which opens right after all three indicators cross. This means even if all three cross, we don’t open a Buy/Sell position till the current candle closes and the next candle opens. If anyone have time to look at it or give me some advice or.

    Thanks in advance.

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    ı'll try and post the results..thanks altoronto

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    here is the first result from 1.1.09 till now
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    all of the year 2008 result..
    it is needed to can add time dissmissing of the asian season until european opens??
    Attached Images Attached Images Saw System-strategytester-gif 

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    Thanks, for backtesting, btw. time filter is in code it just need to setup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by altoronto View Post
    Thanks, for backtesting, btw. time filter is in code it just need to setup.
    altornot, you make this sytem? i am newbee and look for good sytem to trde.

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Saw System

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