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Thread: MACD Cross EA

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    Default Buyer Beware.

    Wang, you can give it a shot, but this has some very rough trades after a while. As stated by someone earlier, this would be great if there was an option to have it reset at .01 or whatever the original lot in the series was after it hits a win. Since it is only dropping back by one series, the winners are often followed two or three series later by a high lot loss, which destroys the series. Works best on my tests if you run it with a ST, but still very risky and not at all a lock in winner. Very good work here for those of us learning how to program. Thanks, but risky as is for live trades.

    Also makes it very hard to retain good high profits.

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    Default going back to 0.01

    Quote Originally Posted by hunter6 View Post
    Guys give me some help here por favor??

    Above sleepypipsCDN states - ""attached is my chart, 3 months, 1 min, TP 100, SL 100, martingale goes back to 0.01 after a win.""

    Sounds awesome, I've been looking at it for two weeks and can't get it to go back to .01 after a win. Where is the setting or option to do that? I'm using v301. Anyone? Funyoo?? Thanks, great stuff here guys. Some fun stuff to work on, I learned a lot from this one.
    as for going back to 0.01, it works for me. I'm refering to my "MinProfitStep" version that's posted earlier though. I've attached a pic of backtesting orders, and you can see in the red box, the orders starting with the losses, multiplying up until a win, then the next order is at 0.01 again, so I don't know what you are experiencing unless you post a screenshot like I have done.
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    Default Thanks

    Do you have any idea what the basket loss and win is? How does that work?

    This is a great EA, the only thing I'd add. --- It almost never makes it 10 trades without a win, I think the ratio depending on the settings is about 33% win, 66% loss, this with a wide variety of different settings.

    The issue? What max lot do you use? When it does go 10 trades without a win - I'd rather it went back to .01 and except the loss rather than getting pegged at whatever the max lot is. This would give some winnings back every 100 trades, but with that ratio of wins per loss per 10 trades, you'd still be ahead.

    What happens is once it gets behind and pegs on max lots, is just can go and go, even make some wins and still stay pegged - just getting farther in the whole. I feel that using the 33/66 ratio, you are much better just starting over at .01 after ten losses rather than continuing to dig. Thoughts? Thanks for the great info and awesome info.


    In the chart above - what SL are you using? It looks like there was a SL set on every trade.
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    Default macd trader

    hi everyone,i have a great systemthat can work with anypair but does best in 1hour chahrt

    here is the setting macd, 12, 100, 12

    can somebody pls helpme code this ea

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    There is already an EA for this, funyoo created it. All you need to do is change the fastema, slowema, macdsma using the imputs your suggested.

    I tried it and it works very well.

    Quote Originally Posted by paul osas View Post
    hi everyone,i have a great systemthat can work with anypair but does best in 1hour chahrt

    here is the setting macd, 12, 100, 12

    can somebody pls helpme code this ea
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    Guys, wonderful work on MACD Cross Martingale ES v301

    Anyone have any idea how get this EA (which works great) to back to your minimum lot size and restart the Martingale after one loss on what ever your max lot is?

    So if it works up to your max lot size, lets say 5, and triggers a loss, the next trade will go in at .01? Instead of another 5?

    This will let you work with the winning percentage, instead of letting one or two more max lots work against you. I love this EA!!!!! One last change I'm I'm going live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post

    MACD Cross expert advisor.

    EU H4 F12 S26 M9.

    MDD : 13.63%

    Ratio : 12.47 (Profit Factor/MDD)
    Thanks Funyoo for the EA. Can it work on ECN broker?

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    hi funyoo
    thanks for your macd cross it work good.
    I have a indicator macd cross signals with alert.can you convert it a ea with same settings(not any stop lose....)?when signal red it just sell when gren it will buy. thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    Here is the second version with MinProfit added, like in the famous waddah attar win expert advisor.

    extern double MinProfit=400; //minimum profit required before to apply the martingale
    EU H4. FastEMA=8; SlowEMA=17; MACD_SMA=9. Martingale=true; Multiplier=1.19; MinProfit=400. SL=65; TP=290.

    Total net profit : 466.22%
    RDD : 29.84%


    it is sending error 134

    what is this error mean?

    and how can fix it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by asad View Post

    it is sending error 134

    what is this error mean?

    and how can fix it?
    Hi asad,

    Error codes - MQL4 Documentation

    Error code 134 : Not enough money.

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