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    Angry No hedging

    Quote Originally Posted by optojay View Post
    Does anyone have trouble with this EA taking trades in forward testing?

    I tried manually entering two pending orders in opposite directions and Alpari-US seems to call this hedging and will not allow it. I didn't think hedging applied to pending orders?
    Same problem with IBFX
    - Lazy implementation of the no hedging nanny rule.

    cheers bt2

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    Nope, i am using fxdd. It have 4 digits. I think Centaure says correct. It is playing results on risk percentage. If i change risk percent so it begin to design out like original.

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    please help me,

    "2009.08.21 10:12:19 2009.08.19 23:00 Two Levels EA EURUSD,H1: OrderSend error 3"

    "2009.08.21 11:44:57 2009.08.11 11:45 Two Levels EA EURUSD,M15: OrderSend error 4107"

    what is this problem?

    I tested in two broker (Alpari, Tadawul)
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    Quote Originally Posted by wannaberich View Post
    probably because you are using a 5 digit broker. I think the EA work only with 4 digits unless you mutilpy by 10
    this is the common reply and problem I have seen in this forum testing EA ..

    Could be better to place a set file for 4 & 5 digit each time , so we can avoid this problem definitely ?

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    Default Trailing Stop

    Hi Funyoo,

    Seem interesting Ea...

    I have question on how to set the trailing stop..

    i found 3 parameter trailing profit, trailing stop & trailing step.
    What is the relation for trailing profit and trailing stop?

    What is the setting if i want minimum 20pips per trade and if trend is in our favor then the trade can close more than 20pips?

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    EA Updated without errors
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