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Thread: Parabolic SAR EA

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    Default Great PSar

    This great EA. Thanks to Funyoo, you are great.
    I have another logic, can you put it?

    PSar is the principal indi. Supertrend is second indi.
    My example logic for PSar SuperTrend EA v.202:

    First Condition
    "Open buy" when "First Dot" PSar going up.
    It close any open trade (sell trade)

    Second Condition
    Then "First condition" buy trade close when "First Dot" PSar going down.
    Then "open sell" because it's "First Dot" PSar going down.
    It close any open trade (buy trade)

    Third Condition
    Repeat forever: after first condition go second condition, after second condition go first condition.

    PSar is the principal indi combine with SuperTrend for open trade but must in the "first dot" to close another trade and open new trade.

    If this logic done, i'm not afraid, new trend come suddenly. The key is FIRST DOT of PSar. Supertrend is help to open trade.

    Well, how about this logic Funyoo..?

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    Funyoo, the mm is money management? it doesnt have a true or false option to choose from. How do I activate this risk per percentage of balance type of money management function? thanks!

    I am testing the original EA in the 1st post of this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post

    Parabolic SAR expert advisor.

    Parabolic SAR file has to be put in the indicators folder.

    EU H1. Step 0.002 Maximum 0.2.

    MDD : 7.82%

    Ratio : 16.62 (Profit Factor/MDD)

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    Funyoo, the MM function for the EA in 1st post doesnt seem to work properly when back-testing. Could you take a look please? thanks~

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    Default Renko with PSAR

    Try PSAR on a renko chart, Possibly more profitable. I am trying different settings

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    thank you !!!!

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    Smile can u change this EA as open order at first dot

    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post

    Parabolic SAR expert advisor.

    Parabolic SAR file has to be put in the indicators folder.

    EU H1. Step 0.002 Maximum 0.2.

    MDD : 7.82%

    Ratio : 16.62 (Profit Factor/MDD)
    Hi, this EA open orders at 2nd dot, so that profit missing and loss coming, can u set this EA as open orders at first dot as buy at below first dot and close buy trade and open sell trade at above first dot. (Sorry for my English )

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    I suppose funyoo won´t help you anymore... He seems to be interested in his elite section.

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    That's because Funyoo is snowed under with work. I suggest signing upto the elite section.

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    am a member in the elite section

    how can i get this EA .

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