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Thread: Parabolic SAR EA

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    Please can anyone also code the PSAR Expert Advisor to enter trade at every dots of the Parabolic Sar except the first dot???

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    Default psar

    i need an ea that trades only if the price moves 15pips after the psar reverse signal and also close opposite trades immediately

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    Hello Funyoo, I am back after a few years...

    I use this EA with fair success. From combination of using this EA and my manual trading I want to ask you if you can add a new function to this EA: Open a new trade on every new candle for as long as the trend is in agreement with PSAR indicator. All other settings and functions work as usual.

    Thank you,


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    Just joined and would like to help test the Eas on the forum and share to all benefit. Welldone Funyo for the time for all.

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