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    Hello funyoo and all traders.
    I'm new here.

    I found one EA with good set which give me profitable result.

    Source: Super Nova

    It was famous EA, maybe you knew, and you forget....
    that BBS also it was hot, but now is cold.

    This result is from August of 2008. almost two years.

    Profit 88.48%
    Max DD 10.69%
    R DD 24.45%

    But I'm not sure this Back test. So many unrest things for this EA....
    * Somebody saying this EA have error all version,
    I used V1[5], Maybe latest is 1[7], but that version was not profitable in my set.
    and I don't know How different these.
    * Tester quality is "n/a", and Mismatched charts errors 783.
    I couldn't get more accuracy,I don't know How to do more up accuracy for test.
    * I am not English speaker, so I have some miss take understand to use this EA.
    * I never got really profitable EA? LoL


    Therefore, I want to be share this EA with my setting, I wish you guys find more good setting.

    This EA with My set, which good for me

    EUR/USD 1H (picture)
    GBP/USD 1H
    GBP/JPY 1H

    4H also good.

    and I wish more...

    sorry my bad English,
    and sorry I couldn't attache statement maybe huge(47Mb).

    have a good trade.

    Super Nova-supernova1-5test-gif
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    thank you!!

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    I used ECN Broker.

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    Seems nice, except the large drawdowns..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tradorama View Post
    Seems nice, except the large drawdowns..
    Good enough for E-bay/ClickBank traders

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