Schaff Trend Cycle EA

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Thread: Schaff Trend Cycle EA

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    Dear Funyoo and other senior members
    I'm a new comer to this forum. I am impressed seeing your some chart of Scaff Trend cycle for good trading system. I use Amibroker. You attached only word document, now how can I use it in Amibroker. It could be better if the chart would have been given as Amibroker Formulae Language (AFL) so that I could use in Amibroker.
    Could you help me?


    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post

    Schaff Trend Cycle goes in the indicators folder.

    EU H4. STCPeriod=200; FastMAPeriod=400; SlowMAPeriod=600

    Total net profit : 49.24%
    RDD : 19.00%

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    good i try it it has more accuracy

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    Dear All
    pls i want to know best setting for CTS Time Frame M30-M15 -M1

    i am using 10-23-50 for H1 and H4

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    nice thread members.

    I am very new to trading. so require your help.

    Which is the final file for backtesting the strategy?

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    Question Missed the last train!

    Oops! I think I have lost everyone! Guess I came too late... everyone else must be working on something bigger and better.

    If anyone reads this, can you please point me in the direction I should go? Where's the party?

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Schaff Trend Cycle EA

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