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    Quote Originally Posted by force22 View Post
    You are right .For exclusive EA I joined here by spending 100 dollar .But what I got ?Nothing but waste of time .Really very much disappointed I am .I will suggest others not to join here as a elite members .Many EA here but not a single one can be profitable .
    LOL. Ok instead of insulting you I'm just going to paint a picture for you and show you how ridiculous you sound. OK, so you're meaning to tell me that you expected to pay $100 and receive a code/algorithm that you can use to start a business (that's essentially what trading is). With the best technology, computers that can calculate trillions of calculations per second and all the world's best quants, Goldman SAchs pays billions of dollars a year to develop such strategies. And here you are some regulator Joe, Dick or Harry from Bangladesh (who probably got into trading by watching a commercial or a movie) expect to just shell out 100bucks and find an optimized system with correct settings so you can earn an income to support yourself. Do you realize how stupid this is? I mean really, do you? This would be akin to going to a chain store like a Starbux and talking to a district manager and saying "Here's 100 bucks pal, tell me your business model so I can make 6 figures a year like you do."

    There are hundredsssssssssssss of EAs on here and every other trading forum that are profitable if used correctly. The market dynamics change almost every week. For example, over the past few months, typical mean reversion scalpers (you pick them, there are tons of them fro Euromaster to Newtech to FAPTurbo etc etc) during late New York session into early asian session have been getting decimated. We see 20-40 pip moves with no more than a 2-7 pip pullback. Why would you try to fade these moves? Why not put on a trend-following system and just go with the flow? But what happens if next week we go back into a consolidation mode during these times, how long will it take you to identify the change in market dynamics?

    On top of the technicalities, chances are you are under-funded as well.

    Your best bet is to find 3-5 systems on here and run some statistics to make sure they are not correlated and just run them as a basket. Target 1-2% a day. Don't get greedy. Use an equity closure EA to manage the profits and once you achieve your basket equity gains for the day, shut it off. And once you hit your loss for the day, shut it off. If you're running a martingale you absolutely, positively must have an emergency equity stop out. I don't care if you have a direct line to Saxo Bank and you're talking to their desk and there's an order coming in to sell 20k lots of EURUSD. It absolutely positively doesn't matter what you think you know you MUST MUST have an emergency stop out. Long Term Capital Management was sure the market was coming back after a 3 sigma move. Stat Arb works until that cointegrated basket reaches its maximum capacity, when it goes nuclear killing anyone in its path.
    Think of adversity as that tiny piece of sand that gets trapped in the oyster's shell. Although it's a pain in the oyster's arse, he eventually makes a pearl out of it. -- Quantitative Market Reversal Levels --- The only indicator you'll ever need.

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    I want the channel scalper

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    Default Mydream 1.02

    EURUSD M15
    Her main features are as follows:

    1.intelligent fool set near 0 parameter settings.
    2.increase Email_alert push to reduce systemic risk.
    3.Start-up funding small,minimum lot is 0.01,need300$-500$,minimum lot is 0.1,need3000$-5000$. for all major platforms (4diti, 5diti).
    5.Capital growth curve perfectly smooth,the callback is less than 30%,the profitability is high,
    test by publishing date of the stock market,Including unilateral market shocks.

    download link:
    Mydream 1.02
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    download link not work! please attach again.

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by FOREXflash View Post
    Ea is extremely simple(trades by candle formations), but
    I broke my balls to code probably my best advanced trails along with
    hiden TP & SL. Trades have a safety SL if something happens.....
    MM is using max 5% of deposit(compounding).
    If you look at the TP and SL, you will see that my
    SL is smaller than TP!!!

    I attached some tests for various tf, all profitable with max DD of 5%.
    The pic here is 100usd, H1 test, for last 4 years, but using 50% risk!!!
    I guess that 100 bucks to some 10milions is worth a risk

    Test this(EURUSD 1hr TF)
    I got very good backtests on a thinkforex demo account and was ready to go make
    some bucks with this ea soon. However, when I tested it on several other demo
    acccounts (Alpari, FxPro, FXCM) it all fell apart, the results were terrible...

    My guess is that the 'fast trailing' only gets executed correctly with some
    brokers and then even only in demo or for a short while - don't think any
    broker is gonna stand aside while you're making thousands and thousands
    of dollars :-) Trades only last a minute and during this short period of time
    the stop loss is moved about 10-12 times, only to catch one or a few pips.

    There goes one more (forex) dream...

    Good thing that my manual trading starts to become more and more profitable.



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    I made a lot of backtesting.......but no trades

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    thanks for your works

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    Default Be serious guys!

    I don't understand why pps come to these forums if THEY CAN'T BE SERIOUS!

    Honestly, if you are going to post your backtest/strategy test, USE 99% accurate results, not 90%, DEFINITELY NOT 25%!

    And if you can't be serious and help others out with helpful advice or real suggestions, DON'T POST AT ALL!

    ...just saying (I shouldn't have to, we are all adults aren't we?).

    The closest I have come to any "holy grail" has been GPS Forex Robot. Otherwise, reverse-grid martingales such as Forex Hacked have been most successful for me. I have achieved 100%+ in multiple months, but always this ends in failure. I need to modify these EAs to reduce drawdowns (eg. further entry criteria on trade entries, scalping in direction of trend, etc.).

    I am always open to new suggestions to try on my real account:

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    The Scion Forex Autotrader Robot is the best forex robot I have used in my life. The long term success rate on my live account is pretty high. It does not give trades every day but when it does it is super accurate and the profits are good size on each trade (30-50 pips or more). Here is the link:

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    Does anybody use some modifications of RSI or MACD?

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