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Thread: Powerful 1 Min Scalping System EA

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    anyone manage to back/forward test this EA successfully? What settings were used? I have back tested it but results are no good. potentialy, this is a very good scalping EA!

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    Default trade once per signal option.

    hey funnyoo. i noticed you have added a tradeonlyoncepersignal option in the gartley ea. i am very interested in trying it in this ea and others as well.. i have a few good settings if this can be added. can it be done easily? what do you think about adding tradeoncepersignal to the long time span heiken ashi?. the one with the slowest confirmation of trend change. or maybe even choosing which indicator to let it react from?. this seems like it could be a good scalper. you know taking 5 - 10 pips or so in the shorter time frames. more in the larger. . but it keeps re-entering trades on the same trend. many times right to the point of reversal. then end up losing all we just gained. more modest settings would have it just take a few pips and then wait for the next trend change. know what i mean? also i am interested in learning how to code myself so i could be more useful on these forums.. i just downloaded the book from the mql4 community.. are there other resources that you know of that could rapidly improve my learning curve?

    thanks a bunch. i appreciate it.!

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    Default I agree

    Trade once per trend.. and new feature of the fx prime system use
    both of these indicators in the ea funnyoo Pls...

    One with default settings.. the other you change the cci
    short cci 72
    long cci 288
    and at the bottom of the indicator MA setting 72

    So you will have the first indicator at default and the second
    72/288 cci and the ma changed to 72

    Then both of these have to agree with the trade when

    AND I recommend using a fib filter..ie price has to be at least 35 pips
    from the next S/R Fib level Ie R1 R2 S 1 S2 could use squidfibo
    or personally I like fibopiv3.

    PS: Oh I see that was already in, squidfibo, awesome..just noticed that

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    Default Not working

    Trying to backtest on a 5 digit broker, no trades whatsoever........

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    backtest lagi siapa tahu dapat setingan yang bagus

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    Template and indicators have to download?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sidomakmur View Post
    backtest lagi siapa tahu dapat setingan yang bagus
    pak, bisa bantu saya menggunakan ea ini, step by stepnya. saya belum pernah menggunakan ea sebelumnya. thanks

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    Default 15 minute trade indicator.

    I see this thread to open trades on one minute. Does anyone have updated download available?
    It doesn't seem to work at default setting of the EA on the first page (#1), but the graph looks great.

    Anyway, the graph works well on the 15 min time-frame too. A RSI graph must be set at 4, buy and sell levels at 65 + 35.
    Its not exactly a one-minute scalper anymore, but it indicates well in longer term...as in 1/2 hr to 45 min.
    see graph:Attachment 28042
    Attached Images Attached Images Powerful 1 Min Scalping System EA-graph1-gif 
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    Hello sir Great EA but can you change entry only when CCI 34 cross 0 above or below and other thing remain same and dell fibo filter..sell or buy only when 34 cross 0 thanks..Powerful 1 Min Scalping System EA-fx-prime-png

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    how this ea going on?

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