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    hello sir,

    Would you please with all respect help me :

    1- The traling stop only works after the first position ( What i need is that the traling stop work from the first position .

    2- Add stoch filter ( true/ false ) from daily to 1M

    3- If we can make the ( AutomatedTPFactor) to work with traling stop

    4- If we can add an option that when EA takes position and win it it waits for some tiime chosen by the user ( as a protiction)

    5- There is an option ( CloseLevelDn_CloseLevelUp_Sell )
    what i want to be is like this:

    IF BUY ( CloseLevelDn_CloseLevelUp_Buy )

    ID SELL ( CloseLevel_Dn-Sell )

    6- If we can add ( Demarker indi ) as an entry option for sell and buy

    Thanks in advance for the hard work you are doing Boss

    With all respect,
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    Hi hameed412412,

    Here is the modified EA.

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