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    Default SW FastAlert

    Hi Funyoo,

    Please create this simple EA based on solarwindfast alert indicator.

    Buy/Exit short=Aqua;
    Sell/Sell Short=Magenta;

    EA opens another order when TP is hit; close positions when color changes. Other features you may want to add.

    Thank you very much.
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    Hi tamaraofx,

    Here is the EA.
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    Default need simple ea

    hi,please create a simple EA based on filter extra indicator.this indicator does not repaint,not even the first bar(not even if the price goes against it) .
    EA should open sell position when color change to red and closes it when color change to blue and right away openes a buy position and closes it when red and so on... ea should have the feature to change the lenght of the indicator and lots(I manually now use it on daily chart with lenght 1).Other features you may want to add. thank you

    p.s. ea should open/close position when color change,not on the next bar
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