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Thread: Double Stochastic Expert Advisor

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    Default Double Stochastic Expert Advisor

    For this expert advisor, there is a "small stochastic" and a big one. We enter when the main goes through the signal on small, it has to be confirmed with the big stochastic oscillator which must have its main over/under its signal. We exit when there is an opposite signal on the big one only. The ea can cumulate orders each time that there is a buy/sell signal.

    EU H1.

    Total net profit : 41.73%
    RDD : 17.87%
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    Default Double stochastic

    Hi, Thanks for the EA, but I have a question. is it possible that EA close the position when the stochastic change with the other one? Iīm sorry but works fine in entry but doesnīt close the position, or maybe I am doing something Wrong with the parameters.

    Thanks for your help


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    I just downloaded it and would suggest looking at the input parameters. I don't have an answer for you, although I my first impression of the inputs is wow this is very thought out. Just great options
    update: The big stoch is only to bias entry.
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    Update note: I like the single action stochastic so I simply typed identical parameters for both. I prefer to use this EA because of the the great input parameters.

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    maybe itīs a stupid question but where should I paste the doublestoch.set file?

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    <a href=>moncler</a>
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