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Thread: EA Backtest Q&A

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    Default EA Backtest Q&A

    I just started to learn backtesting and optimization on EA..I would like to ask some questions..

    After I run an optimization on EA, I not sure how to read the result...

    As attached image below, what is the RED circled items mean?
    * I use $1000 as deposit for testing with 3 months data

    1. The "Profit" means profit OR balance?
    Example, the 1st Pass's Profit indicates 393.50,means?

    Option A: profit 393.50 (balance increase to 1393.50 after 3 months)


    Option B: balance remains 393.50, I have lost 606.50

    2. Profit factor?

    3. Expected Payoff?

    4. Drawdown$ = $457.10 means?

    5. Drawdown % = 38.37% how this % calculated?

    For drawdown% i remember Sir Funyoo did mention that less than 30% is desired..The lesser the drawdown% the better.

    thanks to anyone...
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