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    Hi Kengen,

    The grid doesn't seem to work for version 1.02 unlike the original version. The takeprofitindollars and takeprofitinpips and oppositeclose should work in together -whichever comes first- unless one is disabled.


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    Default I figured out the settings

    For this to work the settings are,

    Quote Originally Posted by garyd007 View Post

    I am only using two settings on true.
    UseStopLoss And TakeProfit =true
    StopLoss =500
    TakeProfit =10

    Set on 5m chart.
    When it places the first BUY trade, and then places a second BUY trade.
    The TakeProfit is not closing both BUY trades when they reach a total of 10 pip profit.
    The TakeProfit is not adjusting accordingly to take 10 pip profit total for both BUY trades.
    What settings do I need to do this?

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    I have found that for each 0.01 lots a takeprofitinDollars 5 works well as well.
    Up to a max lot of 0.1 and 25

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