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Thread: The MasterMind 3

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    is it possible to ask you to make these improvements detailed below and post the EA with the changes below in the site?

    Quote Originally Posted by v4vendetta View Post
    Hey Rehab.

    Those improvements sound excellent.

    Is there any way you can post your new version, I'd love to run some forward testing and help you out.

    I'm looking for a really solid EA, or one with a really solid foundation that I can collaborate with someone on to build outside revenue for an upcoming project I'm working on.

    If you could post it along with your set up so I can test that would be awesome. I'm happy to help in any coding as well, been coding with MT4 for a couple years.

    Thanks mate.


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    Default helppp

    Hi RehabGuru
    can you tell me how work the new indicator macd in mastermind, i am having some loses with this ea, but i think something is missing with it. if you can send your ea so we can used it, thanks.

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    funyoo, can you put this EA to 5 digits use?, thanks

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    Default 5 digit broker and new version

    If there is a new copy of this please send me a note, or a link.
    Does this work as is with 5 digit broker, or do I need to change the settings?

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    Where'd everybody go?

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    bye... to everybody gone forever
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    nice work ea,everyone is on holiday....

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