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Thread: The MasterMind 3

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    Default Best Guesses

    Quote Originally Posted by alan57 View Post
    Hi MerlinBrasil,

    I have also experienced this problem !!!??? I don't know why !
    I can't decide what is the best time frame. Sometimes M15 is better and sometimes, M5 is better. What timeframe are you and all users using ?
    And what are the best daily hours for this EA ?
    Thank you very much.
    Hi Alan,

    Wish the author would chime in and solve the problem

    I've used it profitably on M1, M5 and M15. I've only had one single trade setup which caused a problem. Beyond that, it's got seemingly good 'sense' to it. It's this auto-closing trades while they're in DD but moving toward profitablity which baffles me.

    No clue at this point on Daily Hours. Would love to hear other's viewpoint on that.


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    Default Backtest Problems

    I don't understand why this EA was bad in backtesting, regarding backtesting my account. Would anyone know this please ...
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    Default Your backtesting

    Quote Originally Posted by firzen79 View Post
    I don't understand why this EA was bad in backtesting, regarding backtesting my account. Would anyone know this please ...
    Might be because you're running it on M15. Try M1.


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    wuuuuuwwwww ... is there a winning one definitly.. I am going to take rest for one day since ı spend 15 hours to optimize one, just only one EA.. At least this one is bad too BT results.. on month MAY it starts to grow and then big big losses...this EA needs to be improviings..And I am not experienced to do that.. how some users get profits,, if there is anybody who has the correct parameters, I am bigging to share with us..

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    Default just not profitable.

    we hear of people using different settings on this ea,but nothing said or done can make this ea work to produce profit consistant. This ea is a loser. After a loss it should buy/sell opposite.But it can't even follow the trend. FORGET IT!!

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    Default Hmmmmmm

    Quote Originally Posted by jailbird View Post
    we hear of people using different settings on this ea,but nothing said or done can make this ea work to produce profit consistant. This ea is a loser. After a loss it should buy/sell opposite.But it can't even follow the trend. FORGET IT!!
    Well, gee, Jailbird..... if YOU say so, then it must be true lol

    In truth, I've yet to see *ANY* EA which works in the long run. Some work better than others on trending markets, some in channels. Every EA requires, from my perspective, an eagle eye to watch over the trades as they're made.

    Using this EA, I've found a high percentage of profitable entries. Once the Mastermind, or any other EA places a trade I consider 'good', I may trade manually behind it, but I'll often wait about 2 minutes and either get a better entry or close it out for minimal loss.

    There's no substitute for diligence, and none for screen time, learning the rhythm of your chosen currency pair.


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    Default Settins

    Could any one put the best settings of the ea?
    Thank you.

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    i don't understand the settings of this EA so can't back testing.

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    Default Heiken Ashi Mastermind

    Hey Funyoo and Everyone!

    What an awesome forum, I've spent a ton of time here just in the past few days reading and looking through all the goodness!

    I forward tested this EA (the latest time filter version 1.1d) and it has a ton of potential if it could only learn where to trade and what the heck the trend is

    I'm personally a big fan of Heiken Ashi, although it's not pure price action it's a pretty darn good indicator and gets you pretty close to working with price only.

    So I decided to give a go at modifying this EA to utilize HA and I'm also building in some trending so instead of the constant back and forth the EA will trade only with the current trend, and if there is no trend, then not at all.

    Of course once this is working and I have run some forward tests I'll post it all here with complete instructions on how to implement it and trade with it, but for now I'd like to solicit some opinions for all you EA gurus.

    Right now, I'm using Parabolic to get the overall trend on a higher timeframe. In manual trading I always look 4 TF up to see what the overal trend is then place my trades on the lower TF. So in this situation let's say I'm going to work the M15, so in the inputs of the EA I select H4 as my target TF for trend verification.

    At this point the EA will only trade in the direction of the Trend. Which is good, "the trend is your ..." yeah you know.

    What I'd like from you guys is to know if there's a more logical way to do this, maybe a better overall indicator for trend, some suggestions on how high to look up in TF (or down), etc.

    Here's what I have so far:

    Entries are based on the previous 2 closed candles of HA ie: when a color change occurs. HA repaints so we have to wait till we have a closed candle in order to move on a trade.

    HA entries need to be verified against another indicator, so far I've tried:

    Williams Percent

    VQ shows the best results, with a setting of the entry arrows correspond EXACTLY to the closed candles of HA, but skips out on most of the ranging color changes. Alas VQ repaints as well so at the end of the day we may be one candle off, not sure just yet.

    My next step is to finish a re-write of the 4TF HAS Bars indicator to use HA instead of HAS, we can then have an accurate picture of trend (according to HA) in a snapshot of 4 time frames, this may be just the right indicator to use, but I would really like to hear from folks on ideas for trending.

    I've also slimmed this down quite a bit and removed a lot of the junk from it, cleaned up the Money Management to make it easier to understand for the layman, and made some other small changes ( adding functions etc.)

    I really hope some of you will be interested in advising me on this, as I said I saw some real awesome potential with this, especially with all the Funyoo improvements. I had about 12 awesome trades in a row, then of course the lack of real controls in this EA sucked it all back out.

    I look forward to hearing from you all, and thanks again for such a terrific community.


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    Hi V,

    Welcome and glad you're enjoying your TSF Experience

    Sounds like you've got a decent plan mapped out. I like HA also.

    Happy to help with any EURUSD forward testing, both demo and live.


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