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Thread: LineMA Cross Expert Advisor

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    Lightbulb Guys, i got another idea

    Guys, i got another idea

    please check my post to funyoo before read below

    Daily Pivot EA

    what if this line EA we modify into "2" border line,and the rules are in and out.. at any direction and using this rules...

    i only used "2" the indicator that i attached to thread.. as a border.. without the price current line..
    PrevDayAndFloatingPivot_HLC.mq4 and

    Trade on TF1m
    if "price" cross line up then buy, but surely the price often will bounce back..
    and we dont know either the price will be back up or down right..?
    so we set EA only open "1" times buy/sell as the price cross and...
    set SL 15, TP 30-50, auto LOCK 2 if already profit 8pip,BUT..
    if unfortunate that the price cross back, the open position should be forced auto closed and open reverse.. with same rules..

    if already TP or SL the EA will not re-open position, usually ea always buy and not knowing the trend already down...

    i attached picture.. and Templates

    we can backtest and see that this system is work,
    try using TF 1 Minute.. to replace the line.. (i used the price itself, and "not using Magenta line")

    could some one tell funyoo to give touch to this system..??
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    God please drop me 1 empty cheque from sky..

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    I wanna use this ea for cfds, but it isn't working. anyone who knows the problem can solve it?

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