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Thread: DayTrading

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    Default Hi

    Hi funyoo! I tested the EA--DayTrading(modied) with the *.set, but it's not the results Total net profit : 433.22% see attached

    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    Here is now a modified version. You will be able to do some optimization.

    lots=0.1; RiskManagement=true; Risk=23; trailingStop=20; takeProfit=30; stopLoss=75; slippage=3; nameEA="DayTrading"; separator1="---------------- MACD Settings"; FastEMA=32; SlowEMA=26; MACDSMA=20; separator2="---------------- Stoch Settings"; Kperiod=5; Dperiod=3; Slowing=3; separator3="---------------- pSAR Settings"; Step=0.0217; Maximum=0.2; separator4="---------------- Momentum Settings"; MPeriod=16;

    EU M5.

    Total net profit : 433.22%
    RDD : 29.85%
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    hai funyoo..i get this ea in the forum..can you modify this ea to one trade per candle?thank you

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