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Thread: MartingailExpert v1 Stochastic

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    When you have made a strategy report or an optimization report, you go in the results, you make a right click and you choose "save as a report". If you want to share it and that the statement is bigger than 300ko, I suggest that you make a zip compression of the ".htm" file.

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    Default thank you

    can you tell me plz
    2-step mode
    what is mean
    its good expret thank u
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    I can't say exactly, you should ask to the author.

    I understand that the step is the distance in pips between the current price and the price of the previous order. The next lot is determined by this step.

    The step mode add other parameters (depending on the total orders still opened) to this step, always to determine the lot of the next order.

    And the proffactor is used to find the automated take profit.

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    Default hi

    look here and tell me
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    As the good gentleman funyoo has said - ask the original author.

    carry out some research yourself and please share it with us if you find anything intresting.

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    Default were is hi

    were can i fined him plz

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    Quote Originally Posted by q8m2002 View Post
    were can i fined him plz
    michei : ??????? 'michei' - MQL4

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    Default hi

    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    the original author.

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    Default tru this

    mult 30
    proffactor 100

    zone buy 20

    zonesell 80

    it make 3000$ to 57000$
    in 3 houre 6GMT to 9 gmt

    ijust wontto know what s the

    step mode

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    Default Trailing

    It S Not Working

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