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Thread: MartingailExpert v1 Stochastic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Options Trader View Post
    Dear Mr Funyoo

    could you guid me to the same coder for getting the best set ... I am ready to pay to him to get the best set & the set will be available here for every one.

    every one here should be TWO WAY ( Take & Give Back) .. i hate the ONE WAY ones.

    Q8M2002 ... I know you well (SHAEL Ashoor) .. you may be not know me .
    Hi Options Trader and welcome,

    You can find a list of professional coders here :

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    Hi, funyoo!
    Thanks for the great job! Could You post the last EA version for 5 digits dataflow please?

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    Thumbs up to funyoo

    Es triste ver como la gente es mala y se aprovecha de personas como tu que brindan sus conocimientos sin pedir nada a cambio, buena decision la que usted tomo.
    Saludos y gracias por todo lo que hizo en este foro!!! Hay mucho de sabiduria en usted.

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    Default Little playing

    I just add 1 more stoch. Is optimized for M30 chart EUR/USD in default.
    Need to more to work on it.
    Stoch2 is play only K2 line in 30M chart-even if you switch TF.
    K2 is lover -then # in zone2StartBUY
    K2 is higher -then # in zone2StartSELL
    stoch1 is like usual if crossing level and crossing and change direction down /up
    Just try.
    If somebody interested let me now will explain more.
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    Default Testing

    TF:30M -rest default
    Lot: 0.01
    MAX Drawdown: 185
    Time testing from 1.Aug. till today
    Placin orders: 282
    Lost positions: 75
    Profit : 863
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    Hi all
    nice work is made here about an excellent EA
    i loved the work with the neuro version
    my Q is: wt exactly the proffactor means?
    is its valeu equal to pips in profit.!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fsagarnaga View Post
    Basically what i did was to change ZoneBuy to 80 and ZoneSell to 20, step 15, profit factor 5, lots 1, mult 1.5 and stoch 5,3,3 with USDJPY H1

    i'm currently testing this EA with step 15, PF 5, lots 0,01 mult 2.. but what zonebuy, zonesell and stoch modify plz?

    also IMO this EA is working good with high volatility pairs like USDJPY , EUR JPY or GBPJPY

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    Hello Fanyoo

    The martingal principle is not bad
    I have I believe I with 1.4 stch worked
    This is also clear The account can destroy.

    But fakt this is also this systeme in Trading Rooms also to her at home have.

    in plus like in minus area

    with indicator Stoch is also not bad.

    then he purchases not all Pips (20-30)

    one would have to refine it only a little.
    for example:

    the first one shop should be sure (Buy or Sell). increase time window or one more Indicator in addition.

    one could handle the call MArgin also if the EA Noticing
    only he shops 1..... does not fit...... Stair
    then Purchasing he 2.... does not fit..... Stair
    Exchange rate goes away...........
    maybe from 3 or 4 shop he should shop, in addition, oppositely if the INdicator fits to it. (range) or (ausbruch).

    if we were in range
    is not badly the stair is sold and at the same time a new one is built up
    Here the balance would frame itself in hold.

    With outbreak:
    if he develops the stair further with the help of Indicator. (as before)
    in addition, he shops in the opposite trend further. (Purchase... Sales... etc.)
    Balance rises a little.

    As already I was mentioned already 3 times with the martingale 1.4 live in the market.

    In a rank Really
    with outbreak in the wrong direction very sluggishly
    he builds up his stair and at all when Purchasing he oppositely.

    Man Looking on the chart and point the exchange rate goes wrong and it so many candles to come at all what goes.
    I Thinking This is also the cause of the death.

    It would not be bad if you to themselves a few more thoughts to this martingale make 1.4
    Fact is; nevertheless, the whole system with the whole Indicatoren are at the moment already past if they on the chart you appear never register where it travels goes. This is able nobody.
    moreover, we know like the stock exchange reacts if somebody in the primeval forest Coughing.
    And Asia Scalping functioned also not more so properly.

    Because you the code guru Are to be installed request I you again maybe abovementioned.

    I am a bookworm and Trader is able badly in English and has no notion of the programmation.

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    If I have completely forgotten;

    from range it goes only upwards or down. (Logically)

    in Fast;

    Still in range;---outbreak
    if an existing stair is sold and a new is built up at the same time
    in the rank ends (High or low-pressure area); is founded more logically a stair shows (Opposed direction, as before commonly), however, ea Purchasing in the trend and sold (as before 0.01)

    This means in range if one was able to do the double profits. (In the same time)
    what would be well for a new stair (Margin)

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    Can you modify the one with SL & TP and put a reverse option, i mean instead of a "buy" to place a "sell" and instead of a "sell" to place a "buy"
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