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Thread: MartingailExpert v1 Stochastic

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    how to set the robot to always close to the same value?

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    Default MartingailExpert v1 Stochastic Using Premier Stochastic

    Hi funyoo,

    do you think that the Premier Stochastic indicator would work better in this EA than the regular Stochastic?
    perhaps something like the Premier Stochastic EA, using 2 Stochastics, 2 EMA's and 2 timeframes -


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    Default Stoch

    Quote Originally Posted by q8m2002 View Post
    his realy good man == he help us to much
    thank you funyoo


    step:--- after how many pip you won the EA to start double it will double new order after the numberyou bur
    step:25 the firest double after 25 pip the 2 after 50...etc

    stepmode:---- how many time you wont to dubule 1 --2time double
    2--3 time double.....etc
    if you but the 0 it will be open double

    how many pip you wont to talk from (buy--sell)
    it teak the profit on the total open avrige OF (buy or sell)

    its how to double the orignal order
    if we but 30 & the orignal is .01 ===30 x.01=.3 this the firest double 2 will be 30x .3=9 ...etc
    lotsell or lotbuy:--
    the orignal ordar to start

    buy or sell zone:---
    the zone to move in
    Hi can you explain me stoch input variable Please

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    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    MartingailExpert v1.0 Stochastic works the best on GU H1. Note that the account always blow up quickly whatever is the TF and the pair.

    Source : MartingailExpert_v1.0 - MQL4 Code Base

    See the Optimization Report (only one week) to see what are the best settings according to you risk management.

    Mr. I want to ask "how to compounding the first OpenPosition"? If we start with 50000$ it will Open for the first 1 lot size... If account balance be 100000$ it will Open for the first 2 lot size.


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    Mr. how to compounding the first lot?
    for the example, if my account balance 50000$ it will start with 1 lot size. If 100000 it will start with 2 lot size. The formula is account balance/50000.


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    Default I have modified two version into play on ECN and 5 or 4 digits brokers

    It is my job

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    Cool can you publish the code without MM?

    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    Here is the Optimization Report with GU H1. Mult is set on 1.0. The volume used is 0.01 lot.

    The report is not complete. I have made the report during only 3 hours; the duration would have been at least 2-3 days ... too long for me.

    Original expert.

    can you publish the code without MM?

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    I am using the oldest version of this EA
    except the martingale. I put the value 1.0 instead of 1.5 so every time EA open a trade its the same value that i fixed.
    I want to know about the step and step mode.A open another entry ? is it counted from last opened trade of combine from all the trade open ?
    What is the function of Step mode ?
    What is the buy/sell entry method ? i see Stochastics been used there with 200,20,20 value.
    Someone please explain

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    try this one - Martin with stochastic

    extern int StochTime=5;
    extern int per_K=10;
    extern int per_D=3;
    extern int slow=3;
    extern int S_Mode=0;
    extern int S_Price=0;
    extern int zoneBUY=15;
    extern int zoneSELL=85;
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    Hi guys,

    I'm new to this forum, but I'd like to kick start this very good and dangerous EA (Martingale Stochastic).
    As I code for 25 years, I analysed the full code of this EA and implemented most of the ideas on this thread plus some own ideas.

    Below is a list of new functionalities, and after that the FULL list of parameters with instructions of what they mean.
    By the way, sorry for the question, but how do we attach a file that it's not a picture?

    //| Martingale Stochastic Expert_v1.3.mq4 |
    //| Copyright © 2007, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |
    //| MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform / MetaQuotes Software Corp. |
    //| Modified by Rinaldo Aquino 07/2013 v1.2 latest enhancements: |
    //| v1.2 Optimise code (no caso de NO trailing stop) |
    //| v1.2 Optimise code (evita Refresh rates lendo MarketInfo) |
    //| v1.2 Slippage working (evita RE-QUOTE) |
    //| v1.2 UseMaxSpread,MaxSpread working (evita NAO-LIQUIDEZ) |
    //| NEW! Max.Relative Drawdown (stop loss por RDD) |
    //| NEW! NoNewOrders (nao ABRE mais posicoes,mas sem fechar atuais)|
    //| NEW! Working with multi-currency pairs |
    //| v1.2 Debug mode (dumps info to Experts log) |
    //| v1.2 Uses Stochastic main indicator instead of %d(signal) |
    //| NEW! min Delta stochastic(%k-%d) to start a trade |
    //| v1.3 UseMartingale (turns it On/Off) |
    //| v1.3 Trading sound (On/Off) |
    //| v1.3 DrawLines (On/Off) |

    List of parameters:

    extern string RA="08/2013 Versao 1.3 por Rinaldo Aquino";
    extern string MM="------------- Gerenciamento de Risco";
    extern bool UseMartingale=true; //turns martingaling ON or OFF (OFF=fixed lots)
    extern double MinProfit=0; //martingale mm stopped if profit under min profit
    extern double Multiplier=2; //martingale multiplier - disabled if 1
    extern double LotsBuy=0.01; //initial lots buy
    extern double LotsSell=0.01; //initial lots sell
    extern bool RiskMM=false; //risk money management
    extern double Risk=1; //risk in percentage
    extern bool UseEquityTarget=false; //trading stopped if equity target reached
    extern int EquityTarget=15000; //equity target
    extern bool UseEquityLoss=false; //trading stopped if "equity loss" amount reached
    extern int EquityLoss=8000; //equity loss
    extern bool UseMaxRelativeDrawdown=false;
    extern int MaxRelativeDrawdown=2000; //maximum relative drawdown, if greater all trades are closed
    extern bool Debug=false;
    extern string OM="------------- Gerenciamento da Ordem";
    extern double TakeProfit=0; //take profit (pips) - if 0 automated take profit is enabled
    extern bool UseAutomatedTP=true; //automated take profit
    extern double AutomatedTPFactor=15; //automated take profit factor
    extern double StopLoss=0; //stop loss (pips) - disabled if 0
    extern double TrailingStop=0; //trailing stop - disabled if 0
    extern double TrailingStopStep=1; //margin allowed to the price before to apply the trailing stop - disabled if 1
    extern bool UseMaxSpread=true; //max spread allowed to enter an order
    extern int MaxSpread=25; //max spread (pips)
    extern int Slippage=1; //change in spread (pips)
    extern bool MaxOpenOrders=true; //max spread allowed to enter an order
    extern int MaxBuyOrders=10; //max open buy orders
    extern int MaxSellOrders=10; //max open sell orders
    extern bool NoNewOrders=false; //CAUTION: used to stop EA creating new orders
    extern bool DrawTPLines=false; //does not draw useless rectangle lines
    extern bool TradingSound=false; //make sounds when opening/closing orders
    extern string DBO="------------- Distancia entre ordens (pips)";
    extern double Step=25; //distance in pips between each order
    extern int StepMode=0; //mode of calculation of the distance
    //if stepmode=0 distance=step - if stepmode=1 distance=step+total number of opened orders - 2
    //for stepmode=1, there is only a difference if the total number is over 2
    extern string SS="------------- Propriedades do Estocastico";
    extern double KPeriod=22; //%k period
    extern double DPeriod=9; //%d period
    extern double Slowing=9; //slowing
    extern double MinDeltaStochastic=5; //%k minus %d
    extern double SimpleZoneBuy=40; //zone buy
    extern double SimpleZoneSell=60; //zone sell
    extern bool ExtendedZone=false; //you have more option for the buy/sell zones
    //the ea takes buy orders between the two following levels
    //the ea takes sell orders between the two following levels
    extern double StartZoneBuy=0; //the zone buy finishes at this level
    extern double EndZoneBuy=20; //the zone buy starts at this level
    extern double StartZoneSell=70; //the zone sell finishes at this level
    extern double EndZoneSell=100; //the zone sell starts at this level
    extern double CloseLevelUpBuy=70; //the buy orders are closed when this level is reached
    extern double CloseLevelDnBuy=0; //the buy orders are closed when this level is reached
    extern double CloseLevelUpSell=100; //the sell orders are closed when this level is reached
    extern double CloseLevelDnSell=20; //the sell orders are closed when this level is reached
    extern string MAF="------------- Propriedades do filtro MA";
    extern bool MaFilter=true; //if price over ma : up signal is confirmed - if price under ma : down signal is confirmed
    extern int MaPeriod=20; //ma period
    extern int MaMode=1; //0=sma, 1=ema, 2=smoothed, 3=linear weighted
    extern int MaPrice=0; //0=close, 1=open, 2=high, 3=low, 4=median price (hl/2), 5=typical price (hlc/3), 6=weighted close (hlcc/4)
    extern string TAF="------------- Filtro de Datas";
    extern bool TimeFilter=false; //the ea trades only if the current time is included in the time filter
    extern double StartHour=8; //star hour
    extern double EndHour=21; //end hour
    extern bool CloseFriday=false; //the orders are closed before the week end
    extern double CloseFridayHour=22; //friday end hour

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